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Hydraulic device for closing hatches of open-top wagons, autonomous

The UGZL-2.4-60E device is used to close the hatches of gondola cars, in cases where the hatches are deformed, and also allows you to work in extremely low temperatures (down to -30 °), when icing occurs on the edges of the hatches of freight cars. The device is versatile and suitable for all types of locks. UGZL-2,4-60E is used at unloading stations and in the preparation of wagons for loading.

Another option for application: with the help of UGZL-2.4-60E, you can tighten the hatch cover to insert equalizing gaskets under the hatch lock.

The principle of operation of the device:

Closing the hatch cover is done by one person. When the pump module handle is swinging, the cylinder rod is extended together with the fork, and the gripper makes a working stroke. Thanks to this, the processing speed of one hatch takes no more than 8 minutes.

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Key characteristics:
Модель: УГЗЛ-2,4-60Э
Усилие на рукоятке, кгс, не более: 30
Ход штока гидроцилиндра захвата, мм: 22
Усилие захвата, тс (кН) 1-ступень: 2,4(23,5)
Усилие захвата, тс (кН) 2-ступень: 3,0(29.4)
Ход захвата, тс (кН) 1-ступень: 67
Ход захвата, тс (кН) 2-ступень: 59
Габариты, мм (BxLxH): 87х474х243
Рабочая ширина зева, мм: 225-300
Масса, кг: 8,9
Давление в гидросистеме, МПа (кг/см2): 45 (459)
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Thank you for the timely delivery of hydraulic equipment (hydraulic cylinders, double-sided). Thanks to your efforts. Stroymost LLC has begun work on the span of the bridge span across the r. Sheksna on the highway of federal significance A-114 Vologda - Novaya Ladoga in terms established by the State contract.

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